Israeli forces raid school in Jerusalem


JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces on Tuesday raided Silwan preparatory school for boys and attempted to detain students accused of throwing rocks, a local committee said.

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21/10/2014, 09:25
palestine-embassy-in-ireland-participate-in-the-concert-in-the-solidarity-and-support-of-children-in-gazaKinvara, Galway, 20th October, 2014    A very special concert in solidarity and support of children in Gaza, featuring Declan O'Rourke,...
13/10/2014, 11:52
palestine-embassy-at-the-peace-and-culture-day-in-hanoiHanoi – In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Liberation Day in the Capital city (October 10, 1954 - 2014) and the 15th anniversary of Hanoi being...
30/09/2014, 12:56
the-statement-of-the-embassy-of-the-state-of-palestine-in-cyprus-on-the-rescue-of-a-ship-of-migrants-palestinians-and-syrians-in-front-of-the-coast-of-cyprusThe Cypriot authorities have successfully conducted a rescue operation of 345 people, among them 52 children, 93 women and 200 men that were on board of a...
07/09/2014, 12:24
the-minister-for-foreign-affairs-and-trade-of-ireland-mr-charlie-flanagan-t-d-condemned-the-announcement-by-israeli-authorities-of-the-appropriation-as-state-landDublin 1/9/2014, The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade  of Ireland, Mr. Charlie Flanagan T.D condemned the announcement by Israeli authorities...
03/09/2014, 12:25
palestinian-ambassador-addresses-newcastle-after-invitation-by-controversial-councillor   Palestine's ambassador to the UK Manuel Hassassian hopes to improve links  between the North East and his...

The World Condemns Israeli Aggression on Gaza

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