Israeli Forces Arrest 11 in West Bank, 2 Minors in Jerusalem

HEBRON, September 21, 2014 (WAFA) – Israeli army on Sunday arrested 11 Palestinians during predawn raids across the West Bank, while police, late Saturday night, arrested two minors in Jerusalem, according to local and security sources.

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07/09/2014, 12:24
the-minister-for-foreign-affairs-and-trade-of-ireland-mr-charlie-flanagan-t-d-condemned-the-announcement-by-israeli-authorities-of-the-appropriation-as-state-landDublin 1/9/2014, The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade  of Ireland, Mr. Charlie Flanagan T.D condemned the announcement by Israeli authorities...
03/09/2014, 12:25
palestinian-ambassador-addresses-newcastle-after-invitation-by-controversial-councillor   Palestine's ambassador to the UK Manuel Hassassian hopes to improve links  between the North East and his...
31/08/2014, 10:38
27-august-2014-devastation-in-gaza-and-ceasefireExcellency,While there is broad relief that a Palestinian-Israeli ceasefire agreement has been reached as a result of the mediation efforts of Egypt after...
26/08/2014, 14:47
25-august-2014-more-death-and-destruction-by-israel-the-occupying-powerExcellency,I am compelled to again draw your attention to the horrific situation in the Occupied State of Palestine, as we enter the 51st day of the...
26/08/2014, 14:29
a-charity-event-in-dublin-solidarity-with-the-children-of-gazaDublin 24.8.2014, The Palestinian Community in Ireland organized and hosted on Sunday a luncheon in aid of Gaza’s Children. In cooperation with Irish...

The World Condemns Israeli Aggression on Gaza

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